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23 Jan 2024 · 3 minute read · By Alice Kim
Patch Notes

League of Legends Patch 14.2: An In-Depth Look

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The latest update to hit the Rift, Patch 14.2, brings a slew of changes that will surely shake up the meta. From MMR and matchmaking adjustments to stat shard changes and jungle companion compensation, let's dive in to see what's new, what's changed, and how it might affect your games.

MMR and Matchmaking Adjustments

One of the biggest areas of focus in this patch is the Ranked play experience. We've seen a reduction in the number of games of demotion protection from tier boundaries, aiming to create a more balanced and competitive environment. This means players will have to consistently perform at their current rank to maintain it, reducing the impact of win streaks or loss streaks on overall standings.

Moreover, several bugs that were negatively impacting players' experiences have been addressed. For instance, a fix has been applied for a bug where some Diamond 1 players were experiencing negative LP gains, a frustrating situation that should now be remedied. Additionally, a fix was implemented for an issue where players seeded into Iron IV were instead seeded into Iron II with negative LP gains. These fixes should lead to a fairer and more accurate reflection of player skill.

Stat Shard Changes

In addition to matchmaking adjustments, Patch 14.2 also introduces changes to stat shards, aiming to create more strategic choices for players. Two new flex shard options have been added: 2% Move Speed and 10-180 bonus health based on level. These options could significantly alter early game strategies, as players choose between the mobility advantage of increased move speed or the durability offered by bonus health.

Defensive shard options have also seen changes, with new additions including 65 base health, 10% Tenacity and Slow Resist, or 10-180 bonus health based on level. These changes offer more variety and flexibility, allowing players to better tailor their champions to their preferred playstyle or specific matchup.

Jungle Companion Compensation

Jungle mains, rejoice! Patch 14.2 brings an increase in jungle heal per second from 12-35 to 14-37 based on level. This adjustment should make jungling a bit more forgiving, particularly in the early game where sustain is crucial. Whether this will significantly shift the jungle meta remains to be seen, but it's a welcome change for those who regularly brave the jungle's dangers.

Other Changes

Patch 14.2 also introduces Vanguard anti-cheat software, aimed at maintaining a fair and fun environment for all players. Additionally, support for Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 has been deprecated. This change aligns with Microsoft's own discontinuation of support for these operating systems, urging players to upgrade to more current systems for optimal game performance.

The Impact of Patch 14.1

Before diving into 14.2, it's important to reflect on the impact of the previous patch. Overall, balance and bug stability in Patch 14.1 were good, but there has been an increase in burst in the game. As a result, adjustments will be made in this patch to ensure games remain balanced and enjoyable for all players.


From matchmaking and MMR adjustments to stat shard changes and jungle companion compensation, Patch 14.2 brings a host of changes that will shake up the meta. As players adjust to these changes, we can expect to see new strategies emerge, making for an exciting and dynamic season ahead!

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