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19 Mar 2024 · 3 minute read · By Alice Kim
Patch Notes

League of Legends 14.6 Patch Notes Analysis

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The latest 14.6 patch notes for League of Legends have brought a host of changes to champions, items and systems. While every alteration has its significance, this article will prioritize the most impactful ones, focusing on those that alter gameplay to a great extent.

Champion Changes


Galio has received the most significant changes in this patch. His passive, Q, W, and E abilities have all been adjusted. The most notable change is the large adjustment to his passive, which is expected to change the way Galio players approach their games.


Briar's Q ability can now jump to wards, providing her with increased mobility and escape options. However, the bonus attack speed and healing from her W ability have been decreased along with a decrease in the damage output from her R ability. This might force players to rethink their strategies when playing Briar.


Diana has received considerable tweaks in her attack speed ratio and passive bonus attack speed. The duration of empowered bonus attack speed has been increased, but the growth has been decreased. This will likely affect Diana's jungle clear speed and her dueling potential in the early game.


Kayn's Darkin Q damage has been increased while his Shadow Assassin R damage has been decreased. This could potentially shift the balance between his two forms, making the Darkin form more appealing for players who prefer to deal high amounts of damage.

Item Changes

Crit Marksmen Buffs

The Infinity Edge now provides increased critical strike damage, and Navori Quickblades received an increase in attack damage. Furthermore, the armor penetration for Lord Dominik's Regards and Mortal Reminder has also been increased. These changes are expected to benefit crit-based marksmen and could shift the meta in their favor.

Early Doran's Items

There have been changes to early Doran's items for junglers and supports. A new rule has been implemented that limits players to purchase only one Doran's Blade/Ring/Shield at a time. This is likely to impact the early game strategies of many players, particularly those who relied on stacking Doran's items for a strong start.

System Changes


A significant change in the Voidgrubs system is the replacement of the shield buff with a heal buff for the remaining Voidgrubs upon death. This change could potentially alter the way players interact with Voidgrubs and might influence their decision-making during crucial moments of the game.


Overall, the 14.6 patch has brought a mix of significant changes that will undoubtedly shake up the meta and alter gameplay strategies across the board. Whether you're a Galio main adjusting to his new abilities or a marksman excited about the crit buffs, there's something for everyone in this patch. It will be interesting to see how these changes play out in the coming weeks.

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