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6 Feb 2024 · 3 minute read · By Alice Kim
Patch Notes

League of Legends 14.3 Patch Notes: Detailed Review

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League of Legends' 14.3 patch brings a series of changes that significantly impact gameplay. The changes span across champions, items, systems, and skins. This article provides a detailed overview of these updates.


Significant Adjustments

Among the many champion adjustments, Aurelion Sol's mana costs and ability damage have been tweaked, potentially affecting his laning phase and overall gameplay. Similarly, Azir sees a decrease in his base health regeneration, which could influence his sustain in the lane.

Ezreal's Q and R damage have been decreased, possibly affecting his poke and burst potential. Lillia's passive and Q damage have also been reduced, which might make her jungle clear and ganks less potent.

On the positive side, Illaoi now enjoys an increased passive tentacle range, though at the cost of decreased damage. Wukong's Q bonus range has been increased, and his E cooldown has been decreased, potentially enhancing his trading and all-in potential.

Quality of Life Changes

Teemo and Twitch have received quality of life changes for their Q and E abilities respectively. These changes may not drastically alter their gameplay but can improve their overall game experience.


Major Alterations

The Essence Reaver sees an increase in attack damage, potentially making it a more attractive choice for AD champions. Rod of Ages also receives a buff with increased health and mana, potentially enhancing its appeal for AP champions seeking survivability.

Conversely, The Collector's attack damage has been decreased, potentially making it less appealing for assassins and AD carries.


Significant adjustments have been made to Stridebreaker and Guinsoo's Rageblade. Stridebreaker's total cost, item recipe, health, attack damage, and active damage have all been altered. Guinsoo's Rageblade sees changes in its item recipe, attack damage, and ability power.


Rift Herald and Behavioral Systems

Rift Herald's turning ability has been adjusted along with some quality of life buffs. This could affect strategies revolving around securing and utilizing Rift Herald.

The behavioral system now has a pop-up after reporting a player for Verbal Abuse and/or Hate Speech, and the duration of chat penalties has been increased. These changes aim to foster a better game environment.

Bugfixes and Quality of Life Changes

Several bugfixes and improvements have been made to champions, items, and other aspects of the game, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.

Upcoming Skins & Chromas

Divine Heavenscale Lee Sin, Heavenscale Master Yi, Heavenscale Janna, Heavenscale Ezreal, Heavenscale Kai'Sa, Heavenscale Diana, and Prestige Heavenscale Ezreal skins are set to be released. Chromas for these skins will also be available, allowing players to customize their champion's appearance further.

To conclude, League of Legends' 14.3 patch brings significant changes that can greatly influence gameplay strategies and champion choices. The changes range from champion adjustments to item alterations, system changes, bug fixes, and new skins. It's recommended for players to thoroughly understand these updates to adapt their gameplay accordingly.

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