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5 Mar 2024 · 3 minute read · By Alice Kim
Patch Notes

League of Legends 14.5 Patch Notes: An Overview

Table of Contents

Champion Updates

In the latest patch, Riot has made several alterations to champions that are expected to significantly impact gameplay.


Bel'Veth has been slightly nerfed with a decrease in E damage reduction, while Evelynn sees a decrease in Q damage. Senna also takes a hit with her Q damage reduced.

Nidalee and Maokai have seen base movement speed decreases, with the latter also seeing an increase in Q bonus damage to monsters and W cooldown.

Twisted Fate experiences a reduction in E bonus attack speed and damage, while Vayne has her passive bonus movement speed decreased and Q cooldown increased early.

The most significant nerf might be Brand, who sees a decrease in R damage and an increase in cooldown, even though his passive damage to monsters gets a boost.


On the brighter side, Jarvan IV gets an armor growth increase and Q cooldown decrease. Kayn benefits from increased passive Darkin healing and R Darkin healing.

Kog'Maw also receives numerous buffs including increased passive bonus movement speed, adjusted Q cast time, increased E slow, and R damage.

Veigar gets a boost with increased Q damage and decreased R cooldown, while Sivir's base armor has been increased.


Several champions have seen adjustments as well, including Seraphine, whose all abilities have been adjusted. Smolder's Q damage and E bolt quantity have been adjusted while his R damage has been decreased, sweet spot damage increased, and self-heal increased.

Wukong's passive maximum stack has been decreased while percent amplification per stack has been increased and stack falloff rate adjusted. Vex's passive damage has been increased, with E and passive interaction adjusted.

Item Updates


The total price of Frozen Heart has been increased with armor decreased. Heartsteel and Leviathan (Ornn Upgrade) see a decrease in proc bonus damage. AP Assassin items like Lich Bane and Hextech Rocketbelt have also been nerfed.


Sunfire Aegis now provides more health and increased Immolate base damage. Spear of Shojin has seen stacking changes for spells and attack-based spells.


Adjustments have been made to several items including Celestial Opposition, Dream Maker, and Solstice Sleigh.

ARAM Balance Changes

In ARAM, Camille and Naafiri receive ability haste while Dr. Mundo and Nasus receive reduced damage taken. Anivia, Illaoi, Karma, Lulu, Renekton, and Zac have received various adjustments.

Bugfixes & QoL Changes

Riot has also implemented various bugfixes and quality of life improvements in this patch.

Upcoming Skins & Chromas

Finally, Riot is releasing new PROJECT skins and chromas for Gangplank, Jax, and Naafiri.

In conclusion, Patch 14.5 brings a mix of nerfs, buffs, and adjustments to a variety of champions, items, and ARAM gameplay. Players should pay attention to these changes to adapt their strategies accordingly.

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