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21 Feb 2024 · 3 minute read · By Alice Kim
Patch Notes

League of Legends 14.4 Patch Notes Overview

Table of Contents

Champion Updates

This patch brings a slew of changes to various champions, significantly altering their gameplay.


Ahri sees a health growth increase and a damage boost to her Q ability. This should make her more durable in the late game and provide more lane pressure early on.

Aurelion Sol

Aurelion Sol's Q bonus magic DPS has been decreased, potentially affecting his ability to burst down enemies.


Bard's armor growth has been decreased, but this is offset by an increased level 1 attack speed and attack speed ratio. His passive bonus damage and Q damage have also been increased, making his poke in lane even stronger.


Fiora's W attack speed slow has been decreased, reducing her dueling potential slightly.


Illaoi's passive damage has been nerfed, likely affecting her trading ability in the laning phase.


Jayce has received a base AD increase, alongside an improved W mana restoration and magic damage. His E now roots enemies on the initial cast, providing him with more crowd control.


K'Sante's base health and mana have been increased, and his W bonus armor and magic resist ratio has been buffed. However, his E dash speeds have been decreased.


Kai'Sa's ult range has been increased, giving her more mobility in team fights.


Kalista sees a bugfix to her passive and a decrease in E damage.


Lulu gets a buff to her Q second bolt damage, E magic damage and shield value, and R bonus health.


Maokai's base armor has been decreased, along with his Q damage and R root duration.


All of Rek'Sai's abilities have been adjusted, but the details have not been specified.


Renekton's Q champion healing has been increased, his E cooldown has been decreased, and his R bonus health has been increased.


Smolder's Q additional fireball scaling has been decreased, but now stacks if a targeted minion dies while Q is mid-flight. His W cooldown has been adjusted, initial damage decreased, and explosion damage increased. His R will continue to cast when Smolder dies.


Soraka's passive movement speed has been increased, her Q heal has been increased, and her R cooldown has been decreased.


Thresh's base armor has been increased, along with his E damage and R cooldown.

Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate's attack speed growth has been decreased, his W blue card damage has been decreased, and his E damage has been decreased.


Varus' base AD has been decreased.


Volibear's Q bonus movement speed has been increased, his E cooldown has been decreased, and his R turret disable duration has been decreased.


Zyra's passive plant damage has been decreased, but bonus damage to non-epic monsters has been increased.

Item Changes

Black Cleaver receives various buffs. Hullbreaker now interacts differently with Urgot's on-hit damage reduction. Ravenous Hydra applies lifesteal to its active ability at 150% effectiveness. Stridebreaker sees various bugfixes and improvements. Terminus' stack rate is now quicker.

Support Items

There are various adjustments to the power curves and stack timing of support items.


The Lethal Tempo rune has a decreased melee attack speed per stack.

Fountain Regeneration

Fountain healing has been increased.

Tether Ability Changes

Various tether abilities have been updated for more responsive and consistent behavior.

Ranked LP Gains

LP gains have been reverted to +/- 25 per win/loss for players below Emerald.


Various improvements and bugfixes have been made to Quickplay.

Clash - Shurima Cup

Details about tournament dates and registration have been provided.

Mythic Shop Rotation

New skins are available, including Prestige Porcelain Kindred. Some older skins are leaving the shop.

Bugfixes & QOL Changes

Various bugfixes and improvements have been made to champions, items, and visual effects.

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