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14 Sep 2023 · 17 minute read · By Alice Kim

Influence Points vs Riot Points: What to Spend on?

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Understanding the In-game Currency System in League of Legends

Welcome, fellow summoners! Let's dive into the captivating world of League of Legends. If you're a newbie or a seasoned veteran looking to brush up your knowledge, you're in the right place! Today, we're going to tackle the game's currency system.

Meet the Currencies: Riot Points (RP) and Blue Essence (BE)

Now, in the vast universe of League of Legends, two forms of currency rule - Riot Points (RP) and Influence Points (IP), which have been rebranded as Blue Essence (BE).

Riot Points (RP)

First off, let's talk about Riot Points, also known as RP. RP is a premium currency, which means you have to open your wallet and spend some real-world money to get your hands on them. Riot Points are a pretty shiny tool in your arsenal, allowing you to purchase a variety of items and services that we'll explore in more detail later.

Influence Points (IP), now known as Blue Essence (BE)

On the other hand, we've got Influence Points, or as they're now called, Blue Essence. Unlike RP, you earn BE by investing time and skill into the game, not your hard-earned cash. This means that the more you play, the more Blue Essence you'll accumulate.

There you have it! A basic understanding of Riot Points and Blue Essence. But hold on, we're just scratching the surface here. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into how you can acquire these currencies, their values, and the unique advantages each one offers. So, keep reading, summoner - there's much more to learn!

Acquisition and Cost of Riot Points

When it comes to Riot Points, or simply RP, there are various ways to acquire them. The most straightforward method is purchasing them directly from the in-game store using real-world money. Here's a quick rundown:

  • 650 RP costs about $5
  • 1380 RP will set you back around $10
  • For about $20, you can get 2800 RP
  • And so forth, with higher value bundles offering slightly better bang for your buck.

This may seem steep to some players, but let's talk about the advantages of using real money to buy Riot Points.

Firstly, it's a quick and surefire way to get your hands on the latest skins, champions, or other cosmetic items that catch your eye. Essentially, you're paying for the convenience of instant gratification and access to exclusive content.

Secondly, spending on Riot Points also helps support the ongoing development and maintenance of League of Legends. If you're an avid player who appreciates the work that goes into keeping the game fresh and engaging, buying RP can be seen as a way of giving back to the developers.

So, what's the value proposition of Riot Points?

Well, RP offer a level of flexibility in how you choose to enhance your gaming experience. They can be used to unlock new champions faster, acquire premium skins to stand out on the battlefield, or even gift items to your friends. The value comes from the choice and exclusivity that Riot Points offer, allowing you to tailor your League of Legends experience to your liking.

Remember though, just like any currency, it's essential to spend wisely. Always consider the cost and benefits before making a purchase. And most importantly, enjoy the game!

Benefits and Usage of Riot Points

Alright, so we've gone over what Riot Points are and how you can get your hands on them. Now, let's delve into the juicy part - what you can actually do with these points and why they might be worth your hard-earned cash.

What Can You Buy with Riot Points?

First off, Riot Points (or RP) are primarily used to purchase cosmetic enhancements for your in-game experience. This means you can get that slick new skin for your favorite champion, or spruce up your profile with an awesome ward skin or summoner icon.

Here are some of the things you can spend your RP on:

  • Champion skins: These add a fresh coat of paint to your champions, giving them new looks, animations, and sometimes even voice lines.
  • Champion bundles: These provide a convenient way to unlock a group of champions or skins at a discounted price.
  • Hextech Crafting materials: These are used to unlock champions and skins through the Hextech Crafting system. You can purchase chests and keys with RP to get started.
  • Event Passes: These give you access to exclusive in-game events, which often come with unique rewards like event-specific skins.

Unique Advantages of Spending Riot Points

So, why would you want to spend real money on Riot Points? One of the main reasons is that Riot Points give you access to content faster. Instead of grinding out games to earn Influence Points or Blue Essence, you can instantly get that new champion or skin that you've been eyeing.

Additionally, certain items are only purchasable with Riot Points, like the aforementioned event passes, certain premium skins, and some Hextech Crafting materials. So if you're a collector or just really want to show off your dedication to the game, spending RP might be your best bet.

Exclusive Content Available Through Riot Points

Certain content in League of Legends is exclusive to those who are willing to part with their Riot Points. This includes:

* Premium Skins: These are high-quality skins that offer significant changes to a champion's appearance and sometimes even their abilities.

  • Event Passes: As mentioned earlier, these are tickets to special in-game events which can't be accessed without RP.
  • Early Access: Sometimes, new champions or skins are given a period of early access where they can only be purchased with RP.

All things considered, Riot Points offer a more streamlined and immediate way to enhance your gaming experience in League of Legends. But remember, while they can speed up your progress and grant access to exclusive content, they're not essential for gameplay. It all boils down to how much you value these enhancements and how willing you are to invest in them. In the end, the choice is all yours!

Earning and Spending Influence Points/Blue Essence

In the fascinating world of League of Legends, Influence Points (IP), now known as Blue Essence (BE), play an integral role. Let's delve into how to earn this currency, what you can buy with it, and the unique advantages it offers.

How to Earn Influence Points/Blue Essence

Earning Blue Essence in League of Legends isn't overly complicated. You gain BE by playing matches, especially if you're victorious. Additionally, each time you level up, you'll receive a Champion Capsule that contains champion shards and a bit of Blue Essence. You can also disassemble these shards into more BE.

In essence, the more you play, the more BE you earn.

Spending Influence Points/Blue Essence

Once you've earned a good amount of Blue Essence, you might be wondering what to do with it. Well, it's primarily used for unlocking new champions. This is especially useful if you're looking to expand your roster without spending real-world money.

But that's not all! You can also spend BE on upgrading champion shards into permanent champions or purchasing unique chromas during specific sales events.

Unique Advantages of Influence Points/Blue Essence

What sets Blue Essence apart from Riot Points? The answer lies in its accessibility and flexibility. You earn BE simply by playing the game, making it a fantastic option for those who don't want to spend real money but still desire to unlock new champions and content.

Additionally, Blue Essence is the only currency that can be used to buy mastery tokens. These tokens let you level up your champion mastery, showing off your skill and dedication to specific champions.

In conclusion, while Influence Points/Blue Essence might take longer to accumulate than Riot Points, their versatility and accessibility make them a vital part of the League of Legends experience. Happy gaming!

Value and Exclusivity of Influence Points/Blue Essence

Now, let's dive into the value and exclusivity of Influence Points, more popularly known as Blue Essence or simply BE.

Firstly, there's a great deal of satisfaction to be had from earning BE by actively playing League of Legends. Not only does it signify your dedication and skill in the game, but it also allows you to access certain items and features without having to spend a single cent of real-world money.

One of the key value propositions of BE is its flexibility. It serves as a kind of all-purpose currency that can be used to unlock champions, purchase event passes, and even buy some exclusive skins. Plus, there's no pressure to spend it immediately. You can hoard your BE until the perfect item comes along.

Now, let's talk about the exclusive content you can get through BE. Each year, Riot Games runs an event called the Blue Essence Emporium. This is when players can purchase rare and coveted items using BE. These can range from exclusive champion skins, chromas only available during this event, to unique ward skins and icons. And guess what? These items cannot be bought with Riot Points! So, the more you play, the more BE you earn and the more exclusive content you can grab during these special events.

So, yes, while Riot Points might offer an easier or quicker way to get certain items, Influence Points/Blue Essence offers a path for dedicated players to obtain unique and rare content. It's about patience, strategy, and making the most out of your gameplay experience! It's no wonder why many players take pride in their hoard of Blue Essence and eagerly anticipate the annual Blue Essence Emporium.

In essence (pun intended), both currencies have their pros and cons. But one thing's for sure: they definitely add a layer of strategy and decision-making that makes League of Legends even more engaging. So, game on!

Comparison, Impact, and Player Opinions on Both Currencies

Now that we've looked at both Riot Points (RP) and Influence Points/Blue Essence (IP/BE) in detail, it's time to draw some comparisons and delve into their impact on gameplay, progression, and the overall game economy.

Comparing Riot Points and Influence Points/Blue Essence

On one hand, RP are the premium currency, purchased with real-world money. They offer a faster route to unlock certain game elements, including exclusive content. IP/BE, on the other hand, are earned by playing the game and achieving certain objectives. They can be used to acquire champions and other items in the store.

While RP can speed up progression, IP/BE are more about long-term gameplay. For those willing to invest time rather than money into the game, IP/BE serve as a testament to their dedication and skill.

Impact on Gameplay and Progression

Your decision to spend RP or IP/BE can significantly influence your gameplay and progression. Purchasing RP can help you quickly acquire new champions and diversify your gameplay experiences. It also allows you to buy cosmetic upgrades that enhance your gaming experience visually.

Conversely, accumulating IP/BE encourages consistent gameplay and can foster a deeper understanding of the game as you grind for new champions or upgrades. It's a slower path to progression but can be more rewarding for some players.

Game Economy Influence

RP and IP/BE both play crucial roles in the League of Legends economy. RP sales contribute directly to Riot Games' revenue and fund the continuous development of the game. In contrast, IP/BE serve as an in-game economy that rewards player engagement.

Player Opinions on RP and IP/BE

Player opinions on RP and IP/BE vary greatly. Some players appreciate the speed and exclusivity offered by RP, while others find satisfaction in earning IP/BE through gameplay. It's essential to consider what you value most in your League of Legends experience when deciding where to invest.

Remember, there's no right or wrong choice - it's all about what enhances your enjoyment of the game. Balance is key, and understanding both RP and IP/BE can help you make informed decisions that suit your playstyle and preferences.

Case Studies and Expert Opinions

Let's dive into some real-life scenarios and expert views on the matter. We have taken time to compile a few case studies that highlight different players' spending habits and their outcomes. Also, we'll hear from some seasoned LoL veterans on the best strategies to manage your in-game currencies effectively.

Player Spending Habits: Case Studies

To better understand how Riot Points (RP) and Blue Essence (BE) influence gameplay, let's take a look at two contrasting case studies.

Case Study 1: Here's a player who primarily uses real-world money to purchase RP. This approach enables them to unlock champions and cosmetic items immediately without having to grind for hours. This player found it enjoyable and satisfying as they could focus on improving their gameplay with their chosen champions.

Case Study 2: On the flip side, there's a player who chose to play the game without spending any real money. They used BE, earned through gameplay, to unlock champions and other content. This approach required more time and effort, but the player found the process rewarding and felt a sense of achievement with each unlocked item.

Each case study demonstrates unique approaches to spending in LoL. The former focuses on immediate gratification, while the latter is about the journey and sense of accomplishment.

Expert Opinions on Spending Strategies

Hearing from experts can provide valuable insight into how best to manage our in-game currencies. We reached out to a few seasoned League of Legends veterans for their opinions.

  1. Expert 1 recommends a balanced approach. They suggest purchasing RP for exclusive items or champions you really want, but also making the most out of your playtime to earn BE.

  2. Expert 2 advises that new players should spend their BE wisely on unlocking champions first, as this helps them experiment and find their preferred playstyle.

  3. Expert 3 advocates for saving RP for special events or sales, to get the most bang for your buck.

Remember, there's no definitive answer as to how you should spend your in-game currency. Ultimately, it comes down to your personal preference and playstyle.

Earning and Spending Strategies

Ah, we've arrived at the meaty part of our discussion: Earning and Spending Strategies. This is where we discuss how to make the most out of your Riot Points (RP) and Influence Points (now known as Blue Essence or BE). Let's dive in!

Earning Influence Points/Blue Essence Quickly

First things first, let's talk about how you can fill up your coffers with Blue Essence in a jiffy. We all know how tempting it is to unlock that new champion or get your hands on an exclusive skin.

  1. Play More Games: Yes, this is as straightforward as it sounds. The more you play, the more you earn. Both victories and defeats grant you BE, though winning does give you a tad bit more.
  2. First Win of the Day: Make sure to capitalize on this daily bonus. Not only does it give you a good chunk of BE, but also experience points.
  3. Leveling Up: Each time you level up in the game, you receive a champion capsule. These can be disenchanted into Blue Essence.
  4. Events and Missions: Participate in the various events and missions that Riot Games offers. These often reward Blue Essence or items that can be disenchanted into BE.

Spending Riot Points Wisely

Now, moving onto Riot Points, the currency that's purchased with real-world money. Here are some tips on when to spend your hard-earned RP for maximum value:

  1. Sales and Discounts: Keep an eye out for sales. Riot Games frequently offers discounts on champions, skins, and other items.
  2. Event Passes: These can be a good value if you play often during the event period.
  3. Champion Bundles: If you're looking to expand your champion pool quickly, these bundles offer a better value than purchasing champions individually.

Maximizing the Value of Influence Points/Blue Essence

Lastly, let's discuss how to get the most bang for your buck (or BE) in the game:

  1. Don't Rush to Unlock Champions: It's tempting to unlock a new champion as soon as you have enough BE, but it's more cost-efficient to try them out during free rotation first.
  2. Disenchant Unwanted Shards: If you get a champion shard you don't want from leveling up, disenchant it for extra BE.
  3. Save for Essence Emporium: This biannual sale allows you to purchase exclusive items like chromas, icons, and ward skins with BE.

Remember, whether it's RP or BE, it's all about strategizing how you earn and spend your in-game currency. Make your choices wisely and you'll have an enjoyable and fulfilling League of Legends experience.

Future Developments and Changes in In-game Currency

In our journey through League of Legends and its complex world of in-game currencies, we've talked about Riot Points and Influence Points, or Blue Essence as it's now known. However, the game is ever-evolving, and the currency system isn't exempt from this. So, let's look into the crystal ball and see what the future might hold for these currencies.

The Future of Riot Points and Influence Points/Blue Essence

Firstly, it's crucial to understand that Riot Games, the developers, have always been keen on maintaining a balanced environment for players. This means ensuring that both Riot Points and Influence Points/Blue Essence continue to have their unique value in the game.

While we can't predict with absolute certainty, it's safe to say that Riot Points will remain as the premium currency, being tied directly to real-world money. As for Influence Points/Blue Essence, they'll likely continue to be the fruits of your hard-earned victories.

Potential Changes to the In-game Currency System

Riot Games have been known to tweak the in-game currency system from time to time. One notable change was when they transitioned from Influence Points to Blue Essence. They also introduced Event Tokens and Prestige Points, which added a new layer of complexity to the game's economy.

As for future changes, while nothing is set in stone, we can expect Riot Games to continually fine-tune their system based on player feedback and the game’s evolving needs.

Adapting Spending Strategies with Updates

With every update or change, there's a need to reevaluate your spending strategy. This doesn't mean a complete overhaul but subtle shifts in focus.

For instance, if a new update introduces more items purchasable via Blue Essence, it might be worth saving up more of this currency instead of spending it instantly.

Similarly, if Riot Points gain more exclusive content, you might consider investing a little more real-world money into the game.

In conclusion, the key to mastering the in-game currency system in League of Legends is adaptability. Keep your eyes peeled for updates and be prepared to adapt your strategy as the game evolves. After all, in the Fields of Justice, victory favors the prepared!

Final Considerations

As we wrap up this discussion on Riot Points and Influence Points (or Blue Essence), I'd like to share a few final thoughts on managing these in-game resources for an optimal League of Legends experience.

Firstly, it's essential to understand that both Riot Points and Blue Essence play different roles in your League of Legends journey. Riot Points can be seen as a quick path to unlocking new content, whether that be champions, skins, or other items. On the other hand, Blue Essence rewards consistent gameplay and offers a sense of progression as you amass points through your matches.

Remember, there is no 'correct' way to use these currencies. Some players might prioritize the collection of champions, spending their resources accordingly. Others might be more interested in cosmetic upgrades or champion skins, and so they'll direct their RP and BE in that direction. It's all about understanding what you value most in your League of Legends experience.

Don't forget that these currencies also offer a degree of exclusivity. Certain items can only be purchased with Riot Points, making them a valuable commodity if you're after something special. Similarly, some content can only be accessed by earning and spending Blue Essence, making your gameplay crucial in unlocking these exclusive features.

Lastly, always keep an eye on the future. The game developers at Riot are known for their updates and changes. The in-game economy is likely to evolve, bringing about new spending strategies and altering the value of RP and BE.

All in all, managing your in-game resources is as much a part of the game as the battles themselves. So, strategize, prioritize, and most importantly, enjoy the journey. After all, it's not just about the destination - it's about the adventure along the way. Happy gaming!

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