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18 Oct 2022 · 4 minute read · By Alice Kim
Patch Notes

League of Legends 12.20 Patch Notes Analysis

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The latest patch notes for League of Legends, version 12.20, have been released by Riot Games. This update brings various changes to the champions, items, runes and behavioral systems in the game.

Champion Changes

This patch introduces a range of balance adjustments to several champions that are likely to significantly alter gameplay dynamics.


A nerf has been applied to Aatrox's passive heal which has decreased from 100% to 80% post-mitigation damage. This adjustment reduces his sustain in extended fights.


In contrast, Akshan receives a notable buff with his E duration being increased indefinitely. This allows him additional mobility and potential outplay opportunities during skirmishes or teamfights.


The mechanical menace known as Blitzcrank experiences a minor nerf with base AD decreased from 62 to 60 and base attack speed reduced from 0.65 to 0.625 while his passive shield is also adjusted.

Elise & Evelynn

Changes have also come through for junglers like Elise whose human form Q range is reduced from 625 units down to a shorter reach of just 575 units whereas her shadowy counterpart, Evelynn, gets an increase on her Q bonus damage and W charm duration providing enhanced burst potential and crowd control respectively.

Other notable champion changes include tweaks for Gwen's Q base damage increase, Jayce's W mana restoration buff alongside R defensive stats scaling with bonus AD; Kennen's E now allowing exceedance of the attack speed limit; Maokai's nerfed healing; Rammus' removal of self slow on W ability coupled with improved dash speed on R ability; Sett's lowered magic resist and early health regen but increased right punch ratio; Wukong’s amplified ultimate AD ratio boost ;and Ziggs' improved poke dueing laning phase with higher Q base damage.

Item Adjustments

Several items receive updates this patch including Demonic Embrace experiencing both nerfs (lower health) and buffs (increased AP). Frozen Heart total cost rises along with combine cost plus lower flat rock solid reduction whereas Mortal Reminder sees its total price tag bumped up slightly but provides more AD at expense of lesser attack speed.

Sterak’s Gage emerges as one champion favorite item receiving attention this time around - increasing its bonus AD percentage based off user’s base stat while simultaneously boosting lifeline shield strength extending over longer timeframe compared against previous values.

Rune Modifications

Lethal Tempo rune users will be disappointed as it underwent slight modification reducing auto-attack range benefit across both melee/ranged champion types down towards uniform value set at mere fifty units only.

Behavioral Systems Updates

Riot Games implements stricter measures combating negative behavior within LoL community via enabling live detection system against zero-tolerance language usage issuing automatic mutes notifying all present players alike.

Moreover further severity enhancement takes place regarding intentional feeding detection particularly in high-level Ranked Solo/Duo games aiming towards maintaining fair competitive environment ensuring optimal gaming experience.

Additionally honored players gain visibility inside Add Friend/Friend Requests menus recognizing their positive contribution encouraging similar attitude adoption amongst fellow gamers.

Event Missions & Mythic Content

New event missions become available featuring Tales from Rift narrative missions driving forward lore behind Runeterra universe opening doors for player engagement outside standard match setting alone.

Mythic Chroma Icons undergoes visual revamp standardizing features offering Prestige Bewitching Miss Fortune/Coven LeBlanc/High Noon Senna chromas purchasable via Mythic Shop – though note that Battle Academia Leona/PsyOps Ezreal prestige versions leave soon so make sure grab them before they’re gone!

Concluding these extensive array modifications Riot introduced numerous bug fixes improving overall quality life aspects within gameplay creating smoother enjoyable user experience awaiting your discovery upon next login session!

Remember always stay updated about any new patches because only those who adapt fastest will survive Summoner’s Rift!

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