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15 Nov 2022 · 3 minute read · By Alice Kim
Patch Notes

League of Legends 12.22 Patch Notes: Key Highlights

Table of Contents

Jungle Updates: Chemtech Drake and Companions Make Their Debut

One of the most significant changes in patch 12.22 is the return of the Chemtech Drake, equipped with new abilities and buffs that will undoubtedly alter gameplay strategies. The Chemtech Rift has also been updated to feature enhanced jungle plants, offering novel ways for players to interact with their environment.

The introduction of three new jungle companions adds another layer to gameplay, each boasting evolving abilities that adjust as matches progress. These dynamic companions will require junglers to adapt their strategy on-the-fly continually.

Jungle camp durability has been modified across all camps, which should make for more challenging clears. Changes have also been made to reduce camp poaching and counter-jungling, making it more difficult for opponents to invade your side of the map effectively.

Rift Scuttler's spawn time and shield mechanics have seen some alterations too - a change that will likely affect early game decision-making for many junglers.

New Items Enter The Rift

Seven fresh items have arrived this patch - among them Jak'Sho the Protean and Radiant Virtue stand out as notable additions likely destined to shift champion builds dramatically. In addition, Rod of Ages makes its triumphant return with brand-new stacking mechanics that promise longevity in extended games.

Champion Balance Adjustments on ARAM

While every mode is important in LoL, ARAM sees a lot of traffic from casual gamers looking for quick rounds of fun or intense combatants honing their team fight skills. This patch brings about balance adjustments specifically targeted towards multiple champions within this mode.

Turret Adjustments For A More Rewarding Push

Turrets' rewards are getting a substantial boost; gold given per turret plate has increased alongside armor/MR per plate – making sieges even more crucial than before while increasing risk/reward scenarios during laning phase.

Behavioral Systems & Competitive Updates

To enhance player experience both inside and outside matches, Riot has upgraded its text evaluation service – aiming at better identifying disruptive chat behavior along with expanding ping wheel features allowing improved communication among teammates.

Competitive play hasn't been left behind either; AFK surrender time now allows an earlier unanimous surrender vote if need be — no longer prolonging those unfortunate mismatched games where someone never connects or leaves prematurely.

Champion select anonymity was introduced as well; preventing metagaming by hiding identities until loading screen — adding an extra level suspense during draft phase.

Eternals Series 2 & Mythic Content

Eternal series 2 introduces three unique Eternals for each champion — providing new challenges for players who want bragging rights over specific achievements tied directly into their favorite picks.

Mythic shop rotation updates bring forth exciting Prestige skins along with Mythic Chromas available exclusively through crafting materials earned via events or store purchases.

Bug Fixes & Quality-of-Life Improvements

As always numerous bug fixes come bundled into these patches addressing various issues from champion abilities bugs down to client interaction problems ensuring smoother overall gaming experience across board.

In closing there's plenty look forward coming weeks — whether you're hard-carry top-laner support main bottom lane love roaming jungle high-speed skirmishes ARAM there’s something everyone here we're excited see how these changes shake up meta!

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