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13 Jun 2023 · 3 minute read · By Alice Kim
Patch Notes

League of Legends 13.12 Patch Notes Overview

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The latest patch for the popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, League of Legends, brings a series of changes to champions, items and systems that are sure to shake up gameplay. This article breaks down the most significant alterations in the 13.12 update.

Champion Updates


Ashe players can look forward to a more powerful champion with this update. Her passive bonus damage has been increased along with her W and R abilities' damage output.


Gangplank's E recharge rate has been decreased, which may make him less effective in longer battles or skirmishes.


There's a mixed bag for Gragas users as his passive cooldown has been increased but Q mana cost is reduced, leading to potential changes in playstyle and strategies revolving around these abilities.

K'Sante & Kai'Sa

A noteworthy change comes for K’Sante with an increase in the cooldown time on his E ability while Kai'Sa enjoys an AD growth increase further strengthening her late game prowess.

Lulu & Lucian

Lulu sees some nerfs with base armor and passive magic damage decreases but also gets an improved E shield value. Lucian experiences a decrease in his passive damage alongside adjustments to activation conditions which might alter his usual playstyle slightly.

Significant Item Changes

The item section brings modifications across multiple items such as Ardent Censer’s Sanctify On-Hit Damage being decreased while Bloodthirster now comes at a higher total cost. Galeforce witnesses nerfs too via attack damage decrease coupled with Cloudburst Active Damage reduction. However, Immortal Shieldbow users can rejoice over increased Life Steal.

Noteworthy changes include Moonstone Renewer where heal and shield values have gone up significantly while its mythic passive is now dedicated solely towards Heal and Shield Power - it’s definitely going to be more appealing for support roles!

System Adjustments

This patch brings about some major system adjustments starting from Mid Lane Gold alteration where mid lane minions are now worth equal gold as those from other lanes – providing balance across all lanes regarding gold income through farming. Red Buff also sees significant reductions involving its overall damage output, slow amount applied upon hits and health regeneration provided making it less potent than before. Lastly ARAM mode receives various buffs and nerfs adjusting champions specifically for this particular mode – ensuring fair gameplay across diverse modes offered by League of Legends.


In addition to these important updates there are several other minor tweaks occurring within this patch including rune adjustment (Overheal), themed clash continuation (Bandle City Cup Clash), Mythic shop rotation alterations plus bugfixes & quality-of-life improvements. Also don’t forget about upcoming skins & chromas for characters like Bard, Kog'Maw, Lillia etc; they will add new dimensions of aesthetic appeal into your LOL experience!

To conclude: The 13.12 Patch introduces many pivotal changes affecting both champion-specific dynamics alongside overall gameplay mechanics that could potentially shift current meta trends significantly! Whether you’re an ADC main excited about Ashe buffs or a Support player readying yourself for Moonstone Renewer upgrade– there’s something exciting waiting just around the corner!

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