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1 Aug 2023 · 4 minute read · By Alice Kim
Patch Notes

League of Legends 13.15 Patch Notes Analysis

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With the release of patch 13.15 for League of Legends, many significant changes have been introduced to champions, items and gameplay mechanics that will undoubtedly affect the meta in different ways.

Champion Changes

Among the most noteworthy updates are those related to champions' abilities and stats.

Aatrox's Q damage has been decreased, making him less potent in laning phase and team fights. This nerf may lead to a decrease in his pick rate as players adapt to these changes.

On the other hand, Caitlyn received buffs on her passive critical strike chance scaling and R ability’s critical strike chance additional damage which could elevate her status among ADCs.

Similarly, Camille, another top lane champion also received an increase in AD growth as well as on-hit damage from her ultimate (R), potentially making her more viable against tanky opponents.

However, it wasn’t all rosy for everyone; Kai'Sa’s base health was reduced alongside decreases in her Q ability's damage output and increased cooldown on W skillshot. These changes might lower Kai’Sa’s popularity amongst players who prefer aggressive early game ADCs.

The support pool saw some interesting adjustments too with both Nami and Rell receiving positive modifications - Nami now gives more bonus movement speed through her passive while Rell underwent several quality-of-life improvements which should make playing this champion smoother overall.

Smite & Ultimate Summons Changes

In terms of summoner spells, Smite has had its power reduced against non-lane minions but gained a slow effect upon upgrading it twice – adding further strategic depth when deciding whether or not to prioritize objectives or ganks during jungle pathing.

Ultimate summons such as Annie’s Tibbers, Heimerdinger’s Apex Turret and Yorick's Maiden have had their durability decreased making them less efficient for pushing lanes or zoning enemies during skirmishes. It will be interesting to see how these tweaks will impact these champions' effectiveness moving forward.

Item Modifications

Patch 13.15 made one major change regarding item interactions: Night Harvester no longer triggers on-hit effects from items which reduces burst potential of certain builds considerably - thereby altering itemization strategies for numerous champions across different roles like assassins or hybrid DPS mages who often rely heavily on these synergies for optimal performance.

Rune Adjustments

Lastly, Glacial Augment rune users would need to reconsider their playstyle since its slowing effect got reduced significantly – reducing its efficiency at providing crowd control utility during trades or team fights.

Arena Balance Adjustments & ARAM Changes

Arena balance updates saw buffs given out generously – including popular picks like Kassadin and Katarina whilst Alistar and Kayle were among those struck by nerfs hammer this time around affecting their viability within specific game modes outside Summoner's Rift – primarily Nexus Blitz & ARAM respectively where frequent skirmishes are commonplace.

Notably Hecarim got buffed whereas Singed was nerfed within ARAM environment which should shift priority picks/bans over next few weeks until players get accustomed with new power dynamics within The Howling Abyss map.

Bugfixes & Quality-of-Life Enhancements

This patch contained various bug fixes improving stability along with enhancements made towards champion abilities plus item effects aiming at delivering smoother gaming experience overall.

Finally looking ahead at cosmetics aspect we can expect arrival of stunning Soul Fighter skin series featuring Shaco Evelynn Gwen Jhin Viego accompanied by chromas enhancing visual appeal even further!

In conclusion Patch 13.15 brought about plethora diverse alterations across multiple aspects shaping LoL gameplay differently throughout various phases ranging from laning stage till late-game scenarios impacting individual champion performances substantially depending upon specific role they fulfill within team composition besides modifying strategic priorities relative towards objective control jungle pathing etcetera subsequently demanding adaptation flexibility from player-base pursuing optimal results post-patch implementation!

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