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29 Aug 2023 · 3 minute read · By Alice Kim
Patch Notes

League of Legends 13.17 Patch Notes: Detailed Overview

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League of Legends' 13.17 patch brings a myriad of changes to champions, items, runes, and game systems. This article will delve into the most significant alterations that could potentially reshape gameplay.

Champion Changes

Major Alterations

Let's start with Aatrox, whose Passive and W damage type have been changed to magic damage - an interesting shift in strategy for players utilizing this champion.

Blitzcrank has seen several substantial adjustments. His base health and magic resistance have increased while his base attack speed and attack speed ratio decreased. The value of Blitzcrank's passive shield has also been adjusted, which could affect his survivability in crucial moments.

The darkin slayer, Kayn, now restores himself to maximum health and mana upon transforming into Shadow Assassin or Darkin Slayer - a new feature that can drastically alter the tide of battle if timed correctly.

For fans of Vi, her passive shield health scaling is now increased, making her tougher in battles. Her W cooldown reduction also saw a bump while her E cooldown has been reduced but at the cost of decreased R damage.

Minor Adjustments

Other noteworthy tweaks include Elise’s increased stun duration on E ability along with enhanced healing from her passive bonus magic damage on basic attacks. There are also minor buffs for Orianna and nerfs for Naafiri alongside several other adjustments across numerous champions.

Item Changes

Several items underwent notable changes as well:

  • The requirements for gaining bonus AD through Bloodthirster's Engorge feature have been amplified.
  • Duskblade Of Draktharr underwent a revamp where Nightstalker passive was altered to match other untargetable effects.
  • Goredrinker received an upgrade; its item recipe improved alongside an increase in overall health.
  • Spear Of Shojin had some major revisions too; its item recipe and combine costs were altered with boosted attack damage and revised Dragonforce haste values.

Rune Updates

The only rune that saw significant alteration was Future's Market where the debt limit got lowered – suggesting more cautious spending is required moving forward.

System Modifications & QOL Changes

In terms of system modifications, catchup experience calculation received adjustment to avoid unusual cases triggering it unnecessarily. Additionally, all dragons now flaunt patience bars alongside leashing range indicators – a useful quality-of-life addition aiding junglers estimating dragon aggro ranges better.

ARAM (All Random All Mid) mode witnessed various champion-specific buffs/nerfs aimed towards balancing this fast-paced map mode further,

Lastly yet importantly there were multiple bug fixes improving gameplay experience including rectifying specific issues related to champions/items/game systems providing smoother gameplay experiences moving forward!

To conclude these patch notes present considerable changes influencing both champion/item meta strategies significantly! It remains intriguing how these amendments would influence competitive play considering Worlds 2021 isn't far off!

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