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12 Sep 2023 · 3 minute read · By Alice Kim
Patch Notes

League of Legends 13.18 Patch Notes Overview

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The latest patch for League of Legends brings a host of changes to champions, items, and more. This article will provide an overview of the significant alterations.

Champion Updates


Bard players have reason to rejoice as this champion's passive maximum Chime stacks have been increased along with their duration. Further, his W (Care Taker’s Shrine) now stacks charges, albeit at the cost of a cooldown increase. The charge time for full heal on shrines has also been decreased.


Gwen sees her survivability improved with an increase in health growth. Additionally, her passive damage dealt to monsters is also being ramped up – beneficial for those who take Gwen into the jungle.


Irelia's R (Vanguard’s Edge) gets a cooldown reduction which should make her slightly more potent in team fights by allowing her to use her ultimate more often.

Jarvan IV

Jarvan IV takes a minor hit in this patch with his passive damage getting decreased - a small nerf that might impact his early game clear speed and dueling power.


Kayn sees some tweaks mainly focused on his Darkin form. His Passive Darkin healing has been adjusted and his R (Umbral Trespass) ability damage has been reduced when in Darkin form.

Item Changes

Crown of the Shattered Queen receives some buffs with its Ability Power being increased alongside an extended Safeguard damage reduction duration. Spear of Shojin suffers from an Attack Damage decrease while Statikk Shiv enjoys enhanced attack strength but lowered minion damage via Electroshock effect. Stormrazor also benefits from boosted Attack Damage in this update.

Clash-Ixtal Cup Announcement

In terms of event news, Riot Games announced the dates for the Clash-Ixtal Cup within these patch notes too.

Champion Ability Icon Updates

A handful of champions are getting fresh coat of paint on their ability icons - Blitzcrank, Graves, Janna, Jarvan IV, Jayce, Lee Sin, Leona, Malphite, Nami, Olaf, Orianna Varus Vayne and Zed.

Bugfixes and QOL Changes

The patch also includes a variety of bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements to the game. While the specifics were not mentioned in the notes provided for this article's creation.

Upcoming Skins & Chromas

New skins are always an exciting part of any League of Legends patch. This time around players can look forward to Street Demons Briar for Neeko Dr Mundo Zyra Brand Rengar as well as Crystalis Motus Taliyah.


Patch 13.18 brings about a mixed bag of champion changes alongside some alterations to popular items. Some champions will undoubtedly feel stronger with these changes while others might feel slightly weaker but overall it seems like Riot is aiming for better balance across the board.

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