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7 Nov 2023 · 4 minute read · By Alice Kim
Patch Notes

League of Legends 13.22 Patch Notes Overview

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League of Legends Patch 13.22 brings a host of balance changes, tweaks to game modes, and introduces the new Quickplay mode. This article will break down the most significant changes for you.

Champion Updates

Riot has made several adjustments to various champions, with some getting buffs, and others receiving nerfs.

Buffed Champions

Brand has seen a boost in his passive monster damage modifier and an increase in E damage. This change should make Brand more viable in the jungle and increase his burst damage potential. Dr. Mundo also got a nice buff, with an increase in his E passive bonus damage, making him even more of a tanky menace. Gragas saw an increase in his E cooldown reduction and a decrease in R travel time, making his combos smoother and more consistent. Lastly, Rammus received an increase in his W bonus armor, making him even more resilient in the face of physical damage.

Nerfed Champions

On the flip side, several champions have been toned down. Briar's Q damage and armor shred have been decreased, along with a reduction in her R damage. Kassadin also got hit with a nerf bat, with decreases to his E damage and R non-stack damage. Nilah saw her Q bonus attack speed decreased and R damage over time and maximum total damage decreased. Other nerfs include Senna's Q damage and healing reduction, Seraphine's passive damage adjustment and increased Q cooldown, and Tahm Kench's decrease in passive bonus magic damage.

Adjusted Champions

Some champions have had their kits tweaked for balance. Graves' E bonus armor per stack has been decreased, which should make him slightly less tanky. Janna's stats and abilities have been adjusted to encourage a more aggressive playstyle. K'Sante's Q bonus health for minimum cast time cap has been increased, possibly making him a more attractive pick in the top lane. Lastly, Ziggs had his basic attack windup increased and base armor decreased, which could affect his early game performance.

Gameplay Changes

Attack Speed Changes

Riot has made adjustments to mage attack speeds and animations, which should make their auto attacks feel smoother and more responsive.

Vision Adjustments

The reveal radius and duration when attacking from the fog of war have been reduced. This change could potentially make ambushes more effective and increase the importance of warding.

Ping Changes

New celebration pings have been added for epic objective takedowns. Alert and Enemy Missing pings are now rate limited after 3 uses to prevent spamming.

Game Mode Adjustments

ARAM Adjustments

Riot has made balance changes to various champions in ARAM mode to keep the game mode fun and fair.

Nexus Blitz Adjustments

Changes have been made to event rewards, buffs, and nerfs for champions in Nexus Blitz mode. Several bug fixes and improvements have also been made to various events.

New Quickplay Mode

Riot has launched a new Quickplay mode, which replaces the Blind Pick queue. Changes to free champion rotation, surrender timings, and Smite availability have also been made.

Global Language Select

Players can now select their preferred game language in the settings menu. However, some international fonts may not display correctly.

Mythic Shop Rotation

New skins and chromas are now available in the Mythic Shop, with some previous ones leaving the shop.

Bugfixes & QOL Changes

Riot has made various bug fixes and improvements to champion abilities and visuals.

Upcoming Skins & Chromas

New Heartsteel Kayn, K'Sante, Ezreal, Sett, Aphelios, Yone, Prestige Yone skins and Breakout True Damage Ekko skin are coming. Chromas for these Heartsteel skins will also be available.

In conclusion, Patch 13.22 brings a lot of changes to the game, with champion adjustments, gameplay changes, new features, and bug fixes. These changes should shake up the meta and make the game more balanced and enjoyable.

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