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20 Nov 2023 · 3 minute read · By Alice Kim
Patch Notes

League of Legends 13.23 Patch Notes Breakdown

Table of Contents

Champion Updates

Significant Changes

In the latest patch, Azir has received a nerf with his W damage being decreased. However, a new change is that his soldiers now apply on-hit effects on their primary target, which may open up new build paths and playstyles for him.

Riven has received a significant buff with her Q and R AD scaling being increased. This change is likely to make her more dominant in the late game, especially when she's ahead.

Trundle's AD growth has been increased and his Q mana cost decreased, which is a direct buff to his overall damage output and lane sustainability.

Minor Changes

Briar's base health has been decreased and her W Snack Attack damage has also been reduced. Draven's R now returns to his body after striking a champion while he's dead. Janna's passive bonus movement speed has been adjusted, her W cooldown decreased, targeting adjusted, and R cooldown decreased.

Jarvan IV's Q cooldown has been increased which may affect his early game ganking potential. K'Sante's Q mana cost has been increased, base damage decreased, W bugfix, E shield decreased, and R passive bonus attack damage adjusted, bonus on cast decreased.

Naafiri's passive packmate damage has been decreased and E base damage decreased. Vel'Koz's passive damage has been increased which may enhance his overall damage output. Ziggs' base AD increased, Q damage decreased, W cooldown increased early, and mana cost increased.

Turret Gold Adjustments

Turret gold adjustments have been made to further emphasize the importance of local gold. Inner turrets now have 125 gold shifted from global into local gold. Inhibitor turrets have an increased local gold value which could potentially shift the strategic focus towards securing these objectives.

ARAM Adjustments

Kassadin, Nilah, and Xayah have received buffs in ARAM while K'Sante, Rumble, and Tahm Kench have been nerfed. Specific changes to Ashe's W and R cooldowns and ability haste have been made to adjust her power level in ARAM.

Nexus Blitz Adjustments

Several changes have been made in Nexus Blitz. The health of jungle camps has been adjusted to improve the jungle clearing experience. Corki, Hecarim, Riven, Pyke, and Camille have received buffs whereas Singed, Maokai, Sett, and Teemo have been nerfed.

Ping Changes

The ping system has been updated to allow players to ping ally scoreboard item, ultimate, or Summoner Spell cooldowns to their team if the item or ability is in the last 50% of its cooldown. This change is likely to improve communication and team coordination during games.

Bugfixes & QOL Changes

Various bugfixes related to champion abilities and items have been implemented. The Career Stats tab in the client has also been updated to only show data for the current calendar year and the most recent year.

Upcoming Skins & Chromas

Three new skins, Beezcrank, King Beegar, and Bee'Koz will be released in this patch, adding more cosmetic options for players.

In conclusion, Patch 13.23 brings a slew of changes aimed at improving gameplay balance, enhancing the user interface, and fixing bugs. The impact of these changes on the meta will be seen in the coming weeks as players adjust their strategies accordingly.

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