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18 Apr 2023 · 3 minute read · By Alice Kim
Patch Notes

League of Legends Patch 13.8 Notes

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In the latest update, Riot Games brings a lot of tweaks and changes to our beloved champions in League of Legends (LoL). As always, some champions are getting buffed, while others are receiving nerfs. In addition to that, there's also an item overhaul and updates on behavioral systems.

Champion Updates


Let's start with the champions who got their power reduced this patch.

Aurelion Sol has seen his health growth and armor growth decreased. This change will make Aurelion more vulnerable in the early stages of the game as he won't scale as well into late game compared to before.

Jarvan IV, one of LoL’s most iconic junglers, also received a hit this patch with his AD growth and Q damage decreased. This means Jarvan will do less damage throughout the match which can significantly impact his effectiveness in jungle clear speed and ganks.

For Kayn, Shadow Assassin form now grants less bonus move speed and its cooldown is increased too. The nerf might shift players' preference towards Rhaast form for more sustainability during team fights rather than focusing on assassinating enemies.


On a brighter note, several champions have been powered up!

The Prodigal Explorer - Ezreal gets a base AD increase which should help him trade better in lane early on especially when paired with his Q poke ability.

Demacia's favorite hero - Garen, sees improvements with an increase in base AD and armor making him tankier from level one onwards.

An interesting change comes to Janna, where her W damage is increased alongside increasing shield decay timer for her E ability "Eye Of The Storm". This could potentially bring back Janna into competitive play due to her enhanced laning phase power & protection against all-ins or poke strategies by enemy bot lanes.

As for jungle enthusiasts, both insectoid void creature - Kha'Zix whose Q base damage has been increased; and blooming magical fawn - Lillia who gets passive damage & healing boost against monsters received buffs this time around promoting diverse jungle champion pool selection.

Item Update

Our favorite spell-haste item - Cosmic Drive has been updated! Its Ability Power was increased providing greater raw magic damage potential while it also features a new passive effect enhancing gameplay possibilities for AP users.

Behavioral Systems Update

An important update regarding player behavior: Reporting is now available directly from your Match History page! This allows you to report unsporting behavior even after leaving post-match lobby without needing support ticket submission anymore.

Visual Update & Shop Rotation

Riot rolled out visual refreshments for Challenges Page improving readability & navigation experience.

Mythic Shop rotation now includes Prestige Edition skins like True Damage Senna & Nightbringer Kayn adding more options for players looking to spice up their champion looks!


This patch addresses various bugs including specific ones related particularly Lunar Beast/Worlds 2021 Jarvan IV skin & Fnatic Jarvan IV skin ensuring smoother gaming experiences.

Upcoming Skins & Chromas

Get ready summoners! We've upcoming Dawnbringer Renekton/Dawnbringer Vayne skins alongwith Nightbringer counterparts featuring Jarvan IV/Nasus ushering new cosmetic content excitement!

To sum it up, Patch 13.8 introduces major gameplay shifts with numerous champion balance updates aiming at maintaining dynamic meta environment while simultaneously enhancing user interface aspects delivering improved gaming satisfaction!

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