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2 May 2023 · 3 minute read · By Alice Kim
Patch Notes

League of Legends 13.9 Patch Notes

Table of Contents

Champion Updates


The Curious Chameleon gets a major update with her passive ability, now allowing her to transform into any unit with a health bar. This change opens up new opportunities for deception and outplay potential. Moreover, her W ability has been revamped to give players more control over the clone's position and play animations.


The Darkin Blade receives notable buffs this patch. His passive damage is increased, providing him with stronger trading power in lane phase. Additionally, his R movement speed has been ramped up for enhanced mobility during team fights.


Amumu’s W ability gets an early game boost as its damage output is increased significantly at lower levels.


Bel'Veth sees mixed changes this patch as her attack damage growth is lowered but she's compensated by an increase in Q ability monster damage.


Jinx experiences a nerf to her scaling this patch as her attack damage growth rate has been decreased slightly.


Kayle faces multiple adjustments including reduction in E ability AP ratio and magic wave damage from passive. However, improvements include shortened R cast time and larger AoE radius on ult activation alongside adjusted invulnerability duration while also increasing delay before ult's damaging explosion hits opponents.


Sion will lose health faster once he enters his passive form due to the increase in health decay rate.


Swain’s Q ability gets buffed - expect higher poke damages from our Grand General of Noxus.


Taliyah's R casting lockout conditions are tweaked making it easier to use strategically.


Trundle benefits from base stat increases – both his base attack speed and mana pool have received bumps this patch.


Volibear sees an enhancement in his healing capabilities along with additional W-ability based damages.

Item Changes

Lich Bane users rejoice! The item receives a slight buff this patch as its Ability Power has been increased.

ARAM Adjustments

Several champions have had their stats tuned specifically for ARAM matches:

  • Buffs: Corki, Ezreal, Karma, Tristana, Zilean
  • Nerfs: Akali Ornn Qiyana Veigar

Behavioral Systems

Riot Games introduces some crucial features that aim to improve player experience; these include In-game reporting system against disruptive behaviour along with consolidated mute options through scoreboard panel.

Bugfixes & Quality of Life Improvements

This patch brings along numerous bug fixes which includes champion specific bugs on Neeko Kayle Kai'Sa among others alongside skin-specific issues like those on Chosen Master Yi Arcade/Bullet Angel Kai'Sa Mecha/Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol Volibear etc.

Upcoming Skins Emotes Chromas

Inkshadow skins make their entrance for champions Aurelion Sol Kai'Sa Master Yi Udyr Volibear Yasuo Yone including Prestige Inkshadow Yasuo variant paired with chromas for all mentioned champions.The MSI 2023 emotes representing various teams will also be released soon!

That wraps up our look at Patch 13.9 — happy gaming!

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