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3 Aug 2023 · 2 minute read · By Alice Kim

Mastering Champion Combos in League of Legends

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League of Legends is a game that requires not only individual skill, but also teamwork and coordination. One important aspect of the game that can greatly influence the outcome of battles is mastering champion combos. These combos are powerful combinations of abilities that, when executed correctly, can turn the tide of a match.

Basics of Champion Combos

A champion combo refers to the sequence of abilities used by a player to maximize their champion's potential. There are different types of champion combos, each serving a specific purpose. Hard CC (Crowd Control) combos focus on immobilizing enemies for extended periods, burst damage combos aim to quickly eliminate opponents with high-damage abilities, and sustain combos prioritize healing or shielding allies while dealing damage over time.

Important Elements for Successful Combos

To execute successful combos, there are several elements players need to consider. Proper positioning and map awareness are crucial as they allow players to engage or disengage at the right time. Knowing your champions' abilities and cooldowns is equally important since mistiming an ability could result in wasted opportunities or even death.

One popular combo in League of Legends involves Leona and Miss Fortune - the CC burst duo. Leona's crowd control abilities combined with Miss Fortune's high damage ultimate can devastate enemies caught within range. Another effective combo is Taric and Ezreal's stun-and-poke strategy. Taric can stun enemies with his Dazzle ability while Ezreal follows up with long-range poke using his Mystic Shot.

Advanced Tips for Mastering Champion Combos

To truly master champion combos, it's essential to practice extensively before jumping into real matches. Playing against AI bots allows you to experiment without fear of making mistakes that may cost you the game. Additionally, communication with teammates during gameplay scenarios helps coordinate attacks effectively and ensures everyone is on the same page.


Mastering champion combos in League of Legends is a skill that takes time and practice. Understanding the different types of combos, as well as the importance of positioning and cooldown management, can greatly enhance your gameplay. Remember to strategize alongside mechanics for optimal performance on the Fields of Justice.

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