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9 Oct 2023 · 15 minute read · By Alice Kim

Perfecting Your Game Strategies: The Complete Guide to Smurfing in League of Legends

Table of Contents

Understanding Smurfing in League of Legends

Before we delve deeper into the strategy, it's vital that we truly understand the concept of smurfing in League of Legends. Smurfing, for those of you who might not be familiar, refers to the practice of a high-ranked player creating a secondary, or 'smurf', account to play against less experienced players. A lot of you might be wondering, why would someone do that?

Well, there are several reasons why players choose to create smurf accounts:

  • To practice new champions or strategies: Playing on their main account can be stressful for many players, especially if they are trying to maintain a certain rank. A smurf account offers them the freedom to experiment without the risk of losing their hard-earned ranks.

  • To play with lower-ranked friends: If your friends are significantly lower-ranked than you, it's not really fun for either of you to play together on your main account. Having a smurf account allows you to play together without drastically affecting the matchmaking.

  • To bypass queue times: High-ranked players often face long queue times. Having a smurf account can help bypass these waits.

  • For the thrill of dominating games: Some players simply enjoy the thrill of easily winning games and dominating their opponents.

But wait! Isn't a smurf account just like any other account? Not quite. While the game mechanics and rules remain the same, the experience vastly differs. Your main account is where your true skill level is reflected and where you try your hardest to climb up the competitive ladder. On the other hand, a smurf account is usually for more casual play, testing out new things, or even for having a bit of mischievous fun. The contrast between the two can lead to very different in-game experiences.

Now that we've cleared up what smurfing is and why players do it, we can move onto understanding how you can create your own smurf account and how to utilize it effectively in your games. Let's dive in, shall we?

The Mechanics of Smurfing

So, you're keen on understanding the nitty-gritty of smurfing in League of Legends? Well, let's jump straight into it!

Creating a Smurf Account

First things first, creating a smurf account. Here's the thing, it's pretty simple. Just like creating your primary account, you'll need to create a new Riot account. Keep in mind though, this means you'll be starting from scratch - level 1 with no champions or runes. But hey, that's part of the fun, right?

Leveling Up Quickly

Now that you've got your smurf account set up, let's talk about leveling it up quickly. You're not going to want to linger in the lower levels for too long. Power leveling can be achieved through various methods such as:

  • Playing bot games for quick XP.
  • Utilizing XP boosts available in the shop.
  • Participating in all available events.

Choosing the Best Champions

Choosing the right champion can make your smurfing journey much easier. For newcomers, you might want to start with easy-to-play champions like Master Yi or Garen. They have straightforward mechanics and are great for learning the ropes. For veteran players, comfort picks or strong meta champions will get you climbing in no time.

Ideal Rune Setups

Last but not least, let's talk about runes. They may seem insignificant at first, but trust me, they make a world of difference. To speed up your leveling process, opt for runes that provide experience or damage boosts such as the Precision and Domination paths. Remember, each game won is a step closer to your desired level.

There you have it! The basics of smurfing laid bare for you. In our next section, we'll delve into some advanced smurfing strategies to help you win games and improve your overall gameplay. Stick around!

Advanced Smurfing Strategies

So, you've got your smurf account up and running. You're stomping through the lower levels and having a great time. But now, let's take it to the next level. We're going to dive into some advanced smurfing strategies that will not only help you win games, but also improve your overall gameplay in League of Legends.

Winning Games as a Smurf

First things first, let's talk about winning games. Smurfing doesn't necessarily mean winning all the time. Remember, it's not just about the wins, but also about honing your skills and mastering different roles and champions. Play smart and play fair. Manipulate the game mechanics to your advantage, but do so within the bounds of the rules.

Using a Smurf Account Responsively

Next, it's crucial to use your smurf account responsibly. Smurfing can be fun, but it can also ruin the experience for new players if done irresponsibly. Don't use your superior skills to bully newer players, instead, help them learn and improve.

Improving Your Gameplay with a Smurf Account

Now, let's talk about improving your gameplay. Your smurf account is a fantastic tool for trying out new strategies, learning new champions, and refining your skills without the risk of losing your hard-earned ranking on your main account. Use this opportunity to really push your boundaries and experiment with different playstyles.

Transferring Skills to Your Main Account

Finally, the ultimate goal of smurfing is to transfer the skills you learn back to your main account. The things you learn while smurfing should make you a better player overall. So, make sure you're consciously working on improving specific aspects of your gameplay, and then apply these improvements when you switch back to your main account.

Remember, the goal isn't to dominate lower-level players, but to become a better player yourself. So go forth, smurf responsibly, and watch as your League of Legends skills reach new heights. Happy gaming!

Experimenting with Smurfing

After mastering the mechanics of smurfing, advancing your strategies, and understanding its impact, let's step into the exciting territory of experimentation.

Smurfing offers a unique playground to try out different play styles or roles, manage multiple accounts, and strike a balance between enjoyment and competitiveness. Let's dive into these aspects one by one.

Experimenting with New Play Styles or Roles

One of the most compelling reasons to create a smurf account is the liberty to experiment. Smurfing lets you break free from the standard role or style you've been sticking to on your main account. You might be an expert mid-laner, but what about trying out as a jungler? Or perhaps you've always played tanks, but now you want to explore the world of assassins. Your smurf account is your sandbox, so don't hesitate to get creative.

Managing Multiple Accounts Effectively

While juggling multiple accounts can seem daunting, it can actually be quite manageable. One effective strategy is to dedicate each account to a specific purpose. For instance, you might reserve one account for mastering a new role, another for practicing a new champion, and yet another for playing with lower-ranked friends. With this approach, you're not just smurfing—you're strategically smurfing.

Balancing Enjoyment and Competitiveness

Lastly, remember that League of Legends is a game, and games are meant to be fun! Sure, climbing the ranks is exhilarating, but don't let the competitive aspect overshadow your enjoyment. Smurfing offers a less pressure-filled environment where you can focus on trying new things and refining your skills without the fear of damaging your rank on your main account.

At the end of the day, smurfing opens up avenues for growth and excitement that aren't always available on your main account. So embrace this opportunity and start experimenting—it might just revolutionize your League of Legends experience!

The Impact of Smurfing

I'm sure by now, after having taken a deep dive into the world of smurfing in League of Legends, you're curious about how this all impacts the game itself. In this section, we'll explore how smurfing influences the matchmaking process, ranking, and even the game's competitive integrity.

Impact on Matchmaking

You've probably already guessed it - smurfing indeed does have a significant impact on matchmaking. When a high-level player logs into their smurf account and gets matched with lower-level players, the balance of the game can be tipped significantly. It's like pitting a professional basketball player against a group of high school students.

Smurfing and Ranking

Now, let's discuss how smurfing affects the ranking in League of Legends. On one hand, smurfing can inflate a player's rank artificially as they might win more often playing against less skilled opponents. This, in turn, leads to an inaccurate representation of a player's skill level.

On the flip side, if you're an average player who frequently loses to smurfs, your rank might suffer undeservedly. This mismatch in ranking can lead to a lot of frustration within the gaming community.

Smurfing and Competitive Integrity

Lastly, we need to talk about how smurfing impacts the game's competitive integrity. One of the beauties of League of Legends is its competitive nature. Players invest hours into honing their skills and improving their game. However, smurfing can throw a wrench into this.

When experienced players create smurf accounts to dominate less skilled opponents, it undermines the competitive spirit of the game. It doesn't only affect individual games but also influences the overall perception of League of Legends as a fair and balanced eSport.

In the next section, we'll discuss how to identify and deal with smurfs, so don't let this information discourage you. Remember, the path to victory is paved with challenges, and overcoming smurfs is just one of them!

Dealing with Smurfs

So, you've made it pretty far in the game, and now you're facing a new challenge - playing against smurfs. This can be quite frustrating, especially when the opposing player has a significant advantage. However, don't worry; I've got some helpful tips for you.

Identifying a Smurf

First off, it's crucial to know how to identify a smurf in-game. There are a few telltale signs:

  1. Unusual gameplay for the level: If someone is consistently landing skillshots, or their mechanics seem too polished for their level, they might be a smurf.

  2. High KDA (Kills/Deaths/Assists) ratio: Smurfs tend to dominate their games, leading to high KDA ratios.

  3. New account with high win rate: If an account has very few games played but a high win rate, this could indicate a smurf.

Remember, these are just possible indications and not definitive proof. Some players might just be having a good game or have prior experience from similar games.

Strategies Against Smurfs

Playing against smurfs can feel like an uphill battle, but there are ways to even the odds. Here are some strategies:

  • Learn from them: Watch how they play. What are they doing differently? What can you adopt into your gameplay?

  • Play safe: If you know you're up against a smurf, avoid taking unnecessary risks. Farm under your turret and wait for gank opportunities.

  • Communicate with your team: Let your team know that there's a smurf on the enemy side. You can then strategize and focus on shutting them down together.

Remember, smurfs have more experience, but they're not invincible. With the right strategy and mindset, you can turn the game in your favor.

Dealing with Smurfs on Your Main Account

When you're playing on your main account and suspect there's a smurf on the opposing side, it's essential not to get frustrated. Consider it a challenge and an opportunity to learn. After all, one of the best ways to improve is to play against better players.

So next time you encounter a smurf, stay calm, implement these strategies, and remember - every game is a learning experience. Keep improving, and you might find yourself smurfing one day!

The Ethics and Risks of Smurfing

Now, let's dive deep into an often-debated topic - the ethics and risks of smurfing in League of Legends. As exhilarating as it may be to dominate the Summoner's Rift with a smurf account, it's essential to understand the implications it carries.

Ethical Implications of Smurfing

Firstly, from an ethical standpoint, smurfing raises quite a few eyebrows. When you create a smurf account, you're essentially reentering the pool of beginners while carrying along all your advanced skills and experience. As a result, the newbies often face a harrowing time trying to compete. This imbalance in matchmaking can be seen as unfair and raises questions about the sportsmanship of smurfing.

Impact on New Players

Indeed, it's the new players who bear the brunt of smurfing. Imagine being new to the game, trying to learn the ropes, and then consistently getting stomped by an experienced player disguised as a newbie. It's demoralizing and can even discourage these players from continuing with the game. Hence, while smurfing might be fun for some, it can drastically affect the overall gaming experience for newcomers.

Risks of Buying Pre-Leveled Smurf Accounts

Lastly, let's talk about the dangers associated with buying pre-leveled smurf accounts. Yes, it saves time in leveling up but remember - it's a risky venture! Such accounts often violate Riot Games' Terms of Service and can result in permanent bans. Also, there's always the risk of falling prey to scams and losing your hard-earned money.

In conclusion, while smurfing can be an enticing prospect for experienced players seeking fresh challenges, it's crucial to consider its ethical implications and potential risks. Remember - gaming is all about fun and fair play!

Smurfing and Riot Games

If you're wondering how Riot Games, the creators of League of Legends, feel about smurfing, it's a mixed bag. While it's not entirely disallowed, they have some regulations in place to deter the practice.

Riot Games' Stance on Smurfing

Riot has not officially declared smurfing as a punishable offense. They understand that many players create these accounts to experiment with new strategies, play with less skilled friends, or just for a change of pace. That said, they don't exactly encourage it either. Riot focuses on promoting fairness in games, and smurfing, by its nature, can create imbalance.

Riot has some measures in place to try and identify smurfs. Their matchmaking system works to quickly identify smurf accounts based on their performance and match them with players of similar skill levels. This is an effort to maintain fair play.

Smurfing and Boosting

If you're wondering about the relationship between smurfing and boosting, let's break it down. Boosting refers to when a player logs into someone else's account to help them gain rank. Unlike smurfing, boosting is strictly against Riot Games' Terms of Service.

While smurfing might involve a high-level player creating a new account to play at lower levels, boosting involves direct interference with another player's account, which is a breach of privacy and can negatively impact the game's competitive integrity.

It's important to remember that while smurfing might be tolerated to an extent, boosting is not. Any instances of account sharing or boosting can lead to severe penalties from Riot Games, including permanent bans.

In conclusion, while smurfing isn't explicitly against the rules in League of Legends, it's a practice that can negatively affect the game's balance. On the other hand, boosting is a serious offense that can result in harsh penalties from Riot Games. It's crucial to understand these differences as you navigate the world of League of Legends.

Next, let's talk about smurfing within the larger gaming culture and what the future may hold for this practice.

Smurfing Culture and Future Outlook

To fully understand the phenomenon of smurfing, we need to delve into its roots and cultural significance within the gaming community. The smurfing culture, like any other, has its own set of norms and peculiarities.

Many gamers see smurfing as a means of self-improvement or experimentation with new strategies without risking their main account's rank. However, for others, it's an opportunity to assert dominance over less experienced players, which can often lead to an imbalanced and negative gaming experience for newcomers.

That being said, it's important to highlight the preventive measures being put in place to curb the negative impacts of smurfing. Several game developers, including Riot Games, have implemented systems to quickly identify smurf accounts and adjust their matchmaking accordingly. This way, they aim to maintain a fair and balanced gaming environment for all players.

Looking ahead, the future of smurfing in League of Legends is uncertain. Riot Games' continuous efforts to regulate smurfing indicate that they are not entirely against the practice, as long as it doesn't compromise the game's competitive integrity. There is also a growing demand within the community for smurf-friendly policies, such as separate ranking systems for smurf accounts.

However, we must also consider the possibility of stricter regulations or even outright bans on smurfing if it continues to affect the game negatively. As with many things in gaming, it's a delicate balance between allowing players to enjoy the game in their own way and ensuring a fair and enjoyable experience for everyone.

In conclusion, while smurfing does have its place in the culture of League of Legends, it needs to be practiced responsibly to preserve the essence of fair play and competitiveness that makes this game so engaging. Let's see what the future holds for smurfing in our beloved Summoner's Rift.

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