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7 Sep 2022 · 3 minute read · By Alice Kim
Patch Notes

League of Legends 12.17 Patch Notes Overview

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In the latest update, Riot has made significant changes to several champions and items in a bid to balance gameplay. This article provides an overview of the key updates introduced in patch 12.17.

Champion Updates

Notable Adjustments

Ahri's Charm duration has been decreased early on which could affect her ability to control enemies effectively during the laning phase.

Riot is reeling back Azir, with his W AP scaling being decreased and cooldown increased early on. His E cooldown was also increased making him less mobile in skirmishes.

For Camille, her passive shields have been increased, providing more durability during combat. Also, her E damage was raised up giving her a bit more punch.

Changes have also come for Hecarim with all his abilities adjusted for better or worse we will see as players adapt to these changes.

The changes for Maokai are extensive with adjustments on his Passive, Q, E and R possibly altering his playstyle completely.

Lastly, there were major tweaks on Miss Fortune’s abilities; Q base damage increased late but cast time adjusted may mean she hits harder but slower while her E now scales with AP showing a shift towards hybrid builds perhaps?

Other Changes

Minor tweaks were applied to multiple other champions including Ezreal, Graves, Kassadin etc., aiming at improving their overall performance.

Item Changes

Items weren't left out either; Stopwatch cost went up meaning it might not be as easy an option anymore for survival tactics.

Guardian Angel received both increases in combine cost and total cost but got buffed by having its Attack Damage increased so you get what you pay for!

Seeker's Armguard now offers higher Ability Power which is great news for magic users while Zhonya's Hourglass saw increases across its total cost Ability Power and Ability Haste enhancing its overall utility despite it becoming pricier.

ARAM Balance Adjustments

Champion buffs were handed out to Gragas Gwen Lee Sin Qiyana Sylas and Zac boosting their performance potential on the ARAM map while nerfs hit Bel'Veth LeBlanc Nasus Sona Zed toning down their power levels slightly.

Ultimate Spellbook & Updates

Ultimate Spellbook mode had chances adjusted hinting at possible new combinations or greater rarity of others meanwhile Caitlyn Kai'Sa Maokai had ultimate skill updates that could change how they're played significantly.

Bugfixes Quality Of Life Changes & Competitive News

A series of bugfixes were rolled out alongside quality of life improvements like Milestone values adjustment for Starter Series Eternals tooltips update regarding melee-ranged form swapping champions. Feeding detection model adjustments should provide fairer gameplay experience by punishing intentional feeders more effectively. Summoner's Rift Ranked queue matchmaking adjustments aim at ensuring balanced matches further enhancing competitive gaming experience.

Noxus Cup Clash & Challenges Update

Second weekend team formation dates announced indicating that preparations are underway! In addition a new Global Defense System challenge was added raising excitement among challenge lovers!

Upcoming Skins Chromas

Last but not least King Viego Zenith Games Blitzcrank Jayce Lee Sin skins chromas released adding fresh options for player customization!

This comprehensive set of modifications promises exciting shifts in the meta-game dynamics as players adjust strategies based upon these alterations! We can’t wait to see how these changes affect gameplay moving forward!

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