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1 Nov 2022 · 3 minute read · By Alice Kim
Patch Notes

League of Legends Patch 12.21: Balancing Acts and Competitive Tweaks

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The gaming community is always eager for the latest updates from Riot Games, the creators of League of Legends. The recent release of patch 12.21 has caused quite a stir with its focus on balancing champion abilities and enhancing competitive gameplay.

Champion Updates


Ahri's Q ability, 'Orb of Deception', received a boost in this update with a decrease in mana cost and an increase in Ability Power (AP) ratio. This change should make Ahri more viable as a mid-lane mage by improving her wave clearing ability and damage output during trades.


Bel'Veth's E cooldown has been increased, reducing his overall damage potential over time. Additionally, his Void Remora health has been decreased which might impact his survivability during team fights or skirmishes.


Blitzcrank took quite a hit with reductions to base health, armor, and attack speed on his W skill 'Overdrive'. These changes may require players to rethink their early game strategy when playing this aggressive support champion.


Corki sees positive changes with an increase in health growth and AD (Attack Damage) growth making him stronger as games progress into the late phase.


Malzahar's E ability 'Malefic Visions' can now execute minions providing him additional lane control through improved minion wave management.

Miss Fortune & Xin Zhao

Miss Fortune receives multiple adjustments aimed at increasing her AP scaling capabilities while slightly decreasing initial slow on her E ability 'Make It Rain'. Xin Zhao’s passive third hit bonus damage AD ratio is also increased along with the heal AP ratio on his passive skill which is expected to enhance his dueling capabilities significantly.

Competitive Updates

Competitive gameplay received some attention as well particularly around game remakes. The remake timer was shortened making it quicker for teams to reset if they find themselves at an early disadvantage due to player disconnects or other issues. Interestingly enough remakes are now available not just for ranked games but also ARAM & rotating game modes further improving player experience across different game formats.

Event Missions

Riot continues its tradition of event missions adding another batch ready for gamers to complete earning rewards while doing so. An interesting development comes from adjusted missions that offer additional XP encouraging gamers towards more active participation.

Bug Fixes & Quality Of Life Changes

This patch brings several bug fixes affecting multiple champions alongwith UI improvements intended at enhancing overall gaming experience.

Upcoming Skins & Chromas

Finally we have new skins and chromas released for various champions keeping things fresh visually.

In conclusion patch 12.21 focuses heavily on individual champion balance hoping to better align their strengths relative to others within their roles while introducing minor yet significant tweaks aimed at improving competitive gameplay dynamics.

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