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18 Jul 2023 · 3 minute read · By Alice Kim
Patch Notes

League of Legends 13.14 Patch Notes Overview

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The latest patch notes for League of Legends version 13.14 have been released, bringing a wealth of tweaks and changes to the game's champions, items, summoner spells, and more. This article provides an overview of these changes with special emphasis on those that significantly alter gameplay.

Champion Changes

Several champions are seeing adjustments in this patch:

  • Aatrox: His Q damage has been increased along with the minion damage modifier.

  • Diana: Her W shield strength and damage per orb have both seen increments. Additionally, her E magic damage is also upped.

  • Hecarim: The ghostly centaur's W bonus armor and MR have been decreased.

  • Jax: His E cooldown has been increased while his R now costs more mana.

  • Karthus: His Q base damage sees a reduction but deals more damage to monsters. However, his E mana restoration decreases.

Other champions including Kindred, Lissandra, Milio etc., are also receiving various modifications aimed at balancing their gameplay effectiveness.

Item Adjustments

Changes to several key items are being implemented in this patch:

  • The Ultimate Cooldown Refunded on Axiom Arc has been adjusted.

  • Galeforce will now have an extended cooldown period.

  • Infinity Edge gets a tweak in Attack Damage and Critical Strike Damage stats.

  • Prowler’s Claw gains an increase in lethality.

These revisions aim at providing better item balance across multiple champion types and roles throughout the match.

Summoner Spells Modifications

The popular spell Ghost sees its duration as well as takedown duration undergoing some adjustments which might influence player strategies around its use during matches.

Jungle Buff Revisions

Both Crests – Cinders & Insight receive changes in burn true damage/melee slow & ability haste respectively aiming towards making jungling experience smoother and fairer among different jungle champs.

ARAM Adjustments

Champions playing on ARAM will notice buffs or nerfs specific to this mode reflecting Riot Games’ commitment towards balanced gameplay across all modes not just Summoners Rift!

Themed Clash: Void Cup Clash Details

Details about the upcoming Void Cup Clash have also been shared promising exciting times ahead for players who participate in these thematic tournaments!

Mythic Shop Rotation

New skins & chromas enter the rotation giving players fresh ways to customize their favorite champions' appearance on the battlefield!

Lastly but importantly Riot Games is enforcing restrictions on third-party sites sharing Augment data under Arena Augment Data Policy showing their seriousness regarding player data privacy concerns. Alongside they continue addressing various bugs & quality-of-life issues relating to champs/skins/gameplay mechanics ensuring smooth gaming experience for all summoners!

In summary LoL’s 13.14 Patch brings numerous updates that aim at refining champion abilities/item utilities/game modes thus providing enhanced strategic depth/visual appeal/player satisfaction! So gear up summoners as new challenges await you in the fields of justice!

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