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15 Aug 2023 · 3 minute read · By Alice Kim
Patch Notes

League of Legends 13.16 Patch Notes Overview

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Welcome to our comprehensive overview of the latest changes brought by Riot's patch 13.16 for League of Legends. This article will delve into significant modifications affecting various champions, items, and arena balance adjustments.

Champion Changes


Several champions have received buffs in this update to boost their competitive viability. Akali has seen an increase in her Q base damage and a reduction in energy cost, potentially making her laning phase more potent. Brand enthusiasts will appreciate the enhanced mana restoration from his passive ability and increased AP scaling on both Q and E abilities.

Ekko’s Q initial base damage is up along with its slow effect early game, while his W shield value also got a boost for better survivability. Karma saw increases in AP scaling on her Q ability and a reduction in cooldown on her ultimate R ability.

Lucian’s passive on-hit damage has been improved which might make him stronger across all stages of the match. Lulu received several buffs including health growth increment alongside an increase in AP scaling for her Q and E abilities which could solidify her role as a reliable support.

The list rounds out with Milio's improved damage output through his Q ability coupled with increased base shield strength on E ability, Malzahar's quicker ticking E damage rate (though it now executes minions at lower thresholds), Nidalee getting AD scaling added to her E skill, Sylas’ base mana increment improving his early game sustainability, and Wukong seeing improvement through mana regeneration growth along with decreased mana costs for both his Q & W skills.


On the flip side, some characters needed toning down due to their overwhelming power levels or win rates. Caitlyn’s Passive attacks per Headshot are now reduced - likely affecting her burst potential against enemy champions during trades or all-ins especially during late games phases.

Naafiri suffered nerfs all around with reductions to basic armor stats alongside attack speed & attack damage – these changes may affect Naafiri’s dueling potential significantly throughout the match duration.

Shaco's resource management became tougher due to lowered base mana regeneration and increased W skill cost that may require players to think twice before spamming boxes everywhere without consequence; meanwhile Shyvana takes hits through AOE & On-Hit Damage Reductions specifically related to her 'W' Skill reducing overall clear speed & dueling capacity.

Item Adjustments

Several items have undergone tweaks primarily focusing lethality-based options: Duskblade of Draktharr sees an increase in cooldown time while missing health damage is toned down; Prowler's Claw gets its cooldown decreased but gains raw power via higher inflicted damages; Serpent's Fang & Umbral Glaive both get lethality increments thus increasing raw penetration against enemy defenses.

Arena Balance Changes

Champion buffs consist of multiple unspecified increases relating either abilities or stats whereas nerfs include numerous unspecified reductions concerning abilities or stats too – details remain undisclosed at this point.

Clash - ARAM Cup

This patch includes announcements related upcoming ARAM Clash dates/details yet specifics weren't shared currently within notes provided.

Mythic Shop Rotation

Skins rotation brings new additions replacing previous selections although no specific skins/chromas were mentioned within current notes

Bugfixes And Quality Of Life Changes

Riot always aims at enhancing player experience hence continues tradition incorporating several bug fixes plus quality-of-life changes – specifics unfortunately haven’t been disclosed within current notes presented here.

In conclusion: The 13.16 Patch introduces numerous impactful modifications set out shifting meta dynamics considerably across Summoner Rift matches influencing champion select strategies plus itemization choices greatly based upon alterations detailed above.

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