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24 Jan 2023 · 3 minute read · By Alice Kim
Patch Notes

League of Legends 13.1b Patch Notes Overview

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In this article, we'll delve into the significant changes brought by the latest patch 13.1b in League of Legends (LoL), focusing on champion adjustments, fighter item adjustments, ADC class adjustments, ARAM balance tweaks and new skins.

Champion Adjustments

The core focus of this update is to bring balance to several champions that have been performing outside their expected metrics.

Gangplank has seen a decrease in his AD growth and E bonus damage on critical strikes - an adjustment aimed at checking his late-game power spike. Heimerdinger's Q turret health got decreased along with a reduction in W magic damage, which should make dealing with him less stressful for opponents.

Ryze sees a nerf with reduced base magic resist and passive AP scaling while Lillia gets buffed with increased Passive AP scaling as well as Q and E AP scaling - her E cooldown also now decreases with rank. Kassadin’s E cooldown increase might discourage some players from picking him due to reduced poking ability in early game stages.

Nami's W has been adjusted while her E base damage is decreased; conversely, Orianna receives buffs across all her abilities—increased passive damage, more Q damage to consecutive targets, lower W mana cost and greater R damage.

Udyr experiences mixed modifications: lowered Q AD scaling but boosted attack speed; R base damage is down though. Yuumi gets an attack range decrease but gains temporary attack range increases from her passive. Zoe’s E now reduces opponent's magic resist when they’re asleep - making it even more rewarding if she lands it correctly!

Fighter Item Adjustments

To further refine game balance LoL developers are altering several items popular among fighters:

  • Eclipse loses its omnivamp feature but gains ability haste; shield cooldown also dropped.
  • Syzygy follows suit losing omnivamp for ability haste.
  • Goredrinker's mythic passive changed to provide health and ability haste instead.
  • Both Maw of Malmortius & Death’s Dance lose their ability haste but get enhanced attack power.

Changes were made on Grievous Wounds effects found in various items too – exact alterations weren’t specified though!

ADC Class Adjustments

This patch brings notable shifts within the ADC class:

Infinity Edge & Navori Quickblades' required critical strike chance was trimmed down aiming at reducing their late-game power spikes without overly affecting their early-mid stage performance. Bloodthirster received lifesteal cutback yet gained shield boost alongside price drop – making it more affordable for earlier stages.

Several ADC champions got tweaked primarily around mana parameters: Ashe & Caitlyn enjoy increased mana growth/regeneration while Ezreal gets only regeneration boost — Jinx & Kai’Sa benefit from higher base/mana growth plus extra regeneration for Kai’Sa — Sivir obtains only mana growth increase but lower W cost — Twitch receives both higher base mana/regen growth.

On the flip side Miss Fortune faces reductions in both areas aiming at tweaking her laning phase sustainability especially after repeated use of abilities over short periods.

ARAM Balance Adjustments

ARAM isn't forgotten! Aatrox/Katarina receive buffs whereas Fiddlesticks/Illaoi/Sion/Swain undergo nerfs – Leblanc undergoes unspecified adjustments too!

Chemtech Drake Buffs

Chemtech Drake receives tenacity/heal/shield power boosts enhancing its overall usefulness during matches where it appears!

New Skins

Get ready to celebrate Lunar New Year through new Lunar themed skins/chromas featuring Thresh/Ashe/Qiyana/Kha'Zix/Malphite/Lissandra (Prestige Porcelain version)!

That wraps up our review about LoL patch 13.1b changes! We hope you're as excited as us about these updates bringing better gameplay experience across all roles!

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