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7 Feb 2023 · 3 minute read · By Alice Kim
Patch Notes

League of Legends 13.3 Patch Notes: A Comprehensive Review

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The latest 13.3 patch for the popular online multiplayer game, League of Legends (LoL), brings a host of changes to champions, items, runes and more. Let's dive into the most significant changes that are likely to affect gameplay.

Champion Updates

Aurelion Sol

Aurelion Sol has received a comprehensive game update (CGU). His abilities have been adjusted in an effort to balance his power levels in-game.


Amumu's Q mana cost has been increased and E base damage decreased which could potentially hinder his early game performance.


Annie starts with her passive fully charged on spawn which can result in early aggression or defensive plays depending on the situation. Additionally, her E shield strength has been buffed along with R Tibbers' health and resistances making her tankier in fights.

Jarvan IV

Jarvan IV gets some love this patch with an increase in base armor, decrease in W cooldown and additional scaling of shield strength with AD making him tougher as games progress.

In terms of nerfs, K'Sante's crowd control capabilities have taken a hit while Kassadin’s E base damage got reduced alongside its cooldown reduction from nearby casts. Kayn sees some buffs particularly for his Shadow Assassin form through increases to passive damage and Q AD scaling.

Item Changes

Two major item adjustments were made in this patch: Radiant Virtue's total cost was increased but it now provides higher maximum health gain and total healing at the expense of ability haste removal. On the other hand, Umbral Glaive underwent several changes including an increase in its cooldown time.

Rune Adjustments

Overheal rune users will be pleased as its shield value was increased resulting in better survivability during skirmishes or team fights.

Melee Support Adjustments

A number of melee supports including Alistar, Braum, Nautilus among others saw various tweaks to their abilities aiming at enhancing their utility during games.

Tenacity Update

Changes have also been made concerning tenacity stacking mechanics where sources within the same group stack multiplicatively while those from separate groups stack additively—adding another layer of complexity to stat management.

Jungle Adjustments

Junglers will notice decreased gold per treat but boosted experience per jungle camp when jungling accompanied by another player. The stealth ward trinket cooldown also got reduced providing better vision control options.

Clash Update & Competitive Changes

Unfortunately for Clash fans out there looking forward to participating this year—the first tournament has been delayed due to a social engineering attack according to Riot Games' official statement.

On a brighter note however; Normal surrender is now available at 15 minutes even without unanimous agreement—making shorter matches possible especially if they’re one-sided thus saving valuable playtime for players involved.

Behavioral Systems Adjustment

A small change but significant nonetheless; warnings issued during Practice Tool sessions for staying idle too long inside fountain area have now been removed—an appreciable quality-of-life improvement indeed!

Overall these adjustments should make LoL even more engaging offering diverse strategies based on champion picks and item builds not forgetting enhanced balancing across different roles!

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