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4 Apr 2023 · 3 minute read · By Alice Kim
Patch Notes

League of Legends 13.7 Patch Notes Overview

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The latest patch notes for the 13.7 update in League of Legends have been released, revealing a slew of modifications ranging from champion adjustments and item tweaks to changes in ARAM and behavioral systems.

Champion Updates

Numerous champions received significant alterations that could drastically affect gameplay strategies.

Alistar & Azir

Both Alistar and Azir saw increases in base armor, with Alistar also getting a boost in health. For Azir, his passive duration and cast range increased, but players will have to watch out as his Q mana cost has gone up along with stab range decrease.

Graves & Kha'Zix

In the jungle role, two champions experienced buffs; Graves, whose passive critical strike bonus got an increase alongside a cooldown reduction for his R ability early game. Meanwhile, Kha'Zix's isolation requirement was lowered on his Q ability while increasing buff duration on R.

Lee Sin & Wukong

On the flip side, nerfs were handed down to some popular picks including Lee Sin and Wukong, both seeing decreases in their base stats - AD for Lee Sin and attack damage for Wukong. Additionally, Wukong's E bonus attack speed was decreased.

Item Modifications

Itemization is always crucial in League games; thus it’s essential to know about key changes:

Death's Dance

One notable change is seen with the popular item - Death’s Dance. Its Attack Damage and Armor stats were reduced but now includes Ability Haste stat instead which can be pivotal depending upon your champion choice.

Catalyst of Aeons & Abyssal Mask

Catalyst of Aeons had its health stat increased at the expense of an increased combine cost whereas Abyssal Mask saw similar treatment but with a decreased combine cost instead making it more attractive late-game choice than before.

ARAM Adjustments

ARAM fans should take note as well since several champions like Karthus (decreased Passive duration) and Sion (decreased lifesteal on Passive form) are receiving specific balance changes that might influence your decisions during champ select phase or even deciding when or who to engage during fights!

Behavioral Systems Improvement

Riot Games continues its ongoing commitment towards maintaining positive gaming environment by introducing improvements to disruptive behavior detection systems – hopefully leading towards less toxicity within games moving forward!

New Features

Some new features include off-screen pings where global/proximity pings will now show at edge screen allowing better map awareness without necessarily having eyes glued onto mini-map all times! Plus you can now see friend’s challenge data directly from their profile card adding another layer social interaction within client itself!

So whether you're a top lane bruiser enthusiast or prefer controlling tides battle from backline as support there's something everyone this patch! Stay tuned future updates we continue delving into expansive world Runeterra ensuring our readers stay ahead curve upcoming meta shifts!

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