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22 Feb 2023 · 3 minute read · By Alice Kim
Patch Notes

League of Legends Patch 13.4 - Overview and Analysis

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The latest patch notes from Riot Games unveil some significant adjustments to champions, items, jungle, ranked play and behavioural systems in League of Legends. This article delves into these changes and their potential impact on gameplay.

Champion Updates

A total of nineteen champions have received modifications in this update. Below are the most noteworthy alterations.

Ahri & Jax

Both Ahri and Jax have seen an increase in base health which will strengthen their early game survivability. Additionally, Ahri’s R cooldown has decreased providing her more opportunity for aggressive plays or escaping danger while Jax's E AP ratio has been adjusted with a new damage calculation that can potentially make him a stronger threat in fights.

Amumu & Elise

Amumu and Elise both receive nerfs this patch. The decrease in Amumu’s health growth, armor growth and W percent health damage weakens his durability as well as his ability to clear camps quickly. Similarly, decreases to Elise’s Q base damage and Spiderling base damage may slow down her jungle clearing speed while reducing her burst potential during ganks.

Samira & Udyr

Samira receives a reduction to passive early movement speed making it harder for her to chase or escape enemies while the effectiveness of lifesteal on R is also reduced decreasing her overall sustainability during fights. Udyr sees reductions across Health Growth, Base Armor along with Q On-hit Damage making him less tanky than before which could affect his presence in skirmishes around objectives.

Item Adjustments

Several key items undergo changes this patch including Demonic Embrace which now caps its damage against monsters at 40 per second potentially slowing down the jungling speeds for several champions who rely on it like Morgana or Fiddlesticks. Doran's Shield also sees a decrease in base health regeneration which might affect sustain for top laners relying heavily on it.

Jungle Changes

Riot introduces several tweaks aimed at altering jungle dynamics such as increased leash range for Rift Herald ensuring players need to commit more towards taking it down instead of juggling aggro between teammates easily; Decrease in Gromp's base health speeding up clear times slightly; An overall increase in heal from monster kills aiding junglers’ sustainability within their own domain.

Ranked Competitive Adjustments

Visible rank matching MMR now leads to greater LP gains/losses putting pressure on players' performance consistency throughout games whereas duo players get an increased skill rating matchmaking adjustment enhancing the competitive experience by matching them against tougher opponents.

Behavioural Systems Update

Two new commands /muteself (for self-muting) and /deafen (for self-deafening) provide better control over communication preferences allowing players peace-of-mind when needed without leaving matches. Refund tokens will be refreshed every season allowing players more freedom with purchases knowing they can reclaim spent resources if regretted later.

Bugfixes & Quality Of Life Improvements

This update brings various bug fixes improving game stability alongside minor quality-of-life improvements enhancing player experiences further.

New Skins & Chromas

Five astronaut themed skins are introduced: Astronaut Fizz, Astronaut Ivern, Astronaut Kennen, Astronaut Singed & Astronaut Xerath along with accompanying chromas giving fans plenty of customization options!

In conclusion Patch 13.4 brings significant champion balance updates aiming at diversifying meta picks along with item changes affecting different roles primarily junglers followed by general game enhancements via bug fixes/QoL improvements not forgetting some aesthetically pleasing skins/chromas!

Only time will tell how these changes shape up future gameplay but one thing is certain - League continues evolving keeping millions engaged worldwide!

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